a screensaver for the Mac

To create a screensaver that works with System Preferences and supports keyboard locking and other options, do the following:

Step 1: Play!

Explore the settings for a while until you find something you like. (And don’t worry - the screensaver can be configured even after it’s been installed. This is just a nice way to discover what you can control!).

Step 2: Save!

Under the File menu you’ll find an option to Save as… select this and find a good spot to save your new screensaver.

Step 3: Install!

Double-click on the new screensaver file (Tessellation.saver) to install it into System Preferences and enjoy! Of course, you can use Options… while in System Preferences to tweak any setting you want in the screensaver.

Here’s a few more details about installing the Tessellation screensaver itself… sometimes System Preferences asks questions!

  1. Locate the screensaver file you created earlier and double-click on it. This should open System Preferences automatically. 1.If you have never installed this screensaver before, you will be asked to install it for “this user only” or “all users”. We suggest Install for this user only. It makes it much easier to apply upgrades in the future.
  2. If you have installed it before and are installing again (for instance, because you upgraded), you will asked if it is okay to replace the screensaver. We suggest to Replace it, because you really only need one copy of it in System Preferences.
  3. Due to some issues we’ve seen reported, it’s probably best to quit and reopen System Preferences at this point. (Otherwise, System Preferences doesn’t seem to recognize the Preferences Pane.)
  4. Once it has been installed, you can use the Options… button in System Preferences to tweak the visuals as you see fit. (NOTE: If the Options… button isn’t working, try quitting and reopening System Preferences. There seems to be some minor issues with installing new screensavers…)

The instructions are the same as for Installing… the main difference is that you’re going to be asked if you want to replace the screensaver. You should go ahead and replace it; it will give you the updated screensaver, but it keeps your old preferences. As before, you can use Options… in System Preferences to make changes to the screensaver.

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